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Mini Split

Mini-Split HVAC Solutions in Greenville, South Carolina

When You’re in a Bind, Get a Mini-Split System

When funds are low and you have limited space for improvements, you’ll still want climate control. This is especially true for our lovely area of South Carolina. Our winters get chilly and our summers are sweaty. Without proper heating and cooling, this region can be uncomfortable to live in.
Fortunately, Precision Heating & Cooling, Inc offers mini-split systems as a reasonable solution. This miniature and manageable upgrade will keep your home warm and cool with minimal hassle. Hire our team today to set up a mini-split system in your own home.

Providing Flexible Options in Greenville

Not every home is optimized for a brand-new HVAC system. Sometimes heaters and air conditioning units just don’t fit. This is where mini-split systems are the most useful. A mini-split system consists of an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor air handler.
The condenser regulates coolant, which determines the temperature of the air handler. The air handler, or fan, blows the temperature-adjusted air through your home.

Heat or Cool Your Way to a Comfortable Home

If your home lacks the proper structure for a climate control system, this is the solution for you. Our mini-split products can keep your home as warm or as cool as it needs to be. This solution is especially appealing for small or new homes that lack proper or finished ventilation. Our team can assess your needs and situate your mini-split in an ideal spot for your family.

Enjoy Powerful Climate Control Options Now

You might think that suitable climate control for your home is outside of your reach. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Consult with Precision Heating & Cooling, Inc today to find out if a mini split is the right solution for your home.
If you are looking for Greenville Mini Split Systems then please call 864-876-2034 or complete our online request form.