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Get precise HVAC solutions, anytime, anywhere.

Your HVAC and utilities make your house a home. Consult with our team at Precision Heating & Cooling, Inc in Greenville, South Carolina, by calling (864) 967-4958.

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    South Carolina Mechanical Contractor M108740
    State of Georgia Conditioned Air License CN209043
    South Carolina Association of Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors
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    South Carolina Association Heating and Cooling Contractors

    HVAC and Utilities Solutions for Greenville, South Carolina

    Optimizing Your Domestic Utilities

    Your home is a network of interlocking systems. Some of these are pretty apparent to you, like your windows or electrical wiring. Some, however, are more complex and require specialized assistance to keep them in shape.
    When you need repairs or maintenance for your utilities, it can be hard to know who to call. If your electricity is bad, you call an electrician. If your pipes are broken, you call a plumber. Who do you call if your heater or air conditioning isn’t working? How do you optimize your energy usage?
    You’ll want to call our office. Precision Heating & Cooling, Inc has assisted Greenville since 2004. We know how your utilities work together to keep your home livable and efficient. We can help you keep everything working exactly the way it’s supposed to.

    Flexible HVAC Options

    Whether you’re trying to keep cool or stay warm, our office has the resources and expertise you need. We can outfit your home with the latest stable technologies for domestic climate control.

    Repair and Maintenance

    Having superb utilities requires taking care of them. Allow our office to assist you by keeping your prized utilities in top shape. Every dollar spent on maintenance now is hundreds saved on future repairs.

    Energy-Efficient Solutions

    Energy bills can stack up over the course of owning a home. Keep yours to a minimum with our powerful energy-efficient solutions. We’ll save you money in months and years to come.

    Service Your Systems With Our Help

    Your home deserves the best solutions on the market. Get the flexible and powerful HVAC and utilities solutions you need with our help. Consult with Precision Heating & Cooling, Inc today to learn more  how we can help you. Our technicians are eager to work with you.

    Customer Testimonial

    “Heat went out over the weekend and Precision came out on Sunday in less than 2 hours.  Diagnosed the issue, ordered parts and installed the next day.  Extremely satisfied with the service and the communication which was excellent.  Will be our go to AC/Heating service moving forward.” — Julie B.
    Get precise HVAC solutions, anytime, anywhere.

    HVAC Services

    Just as you look after the comfort and needs of your family at your Greenville home you need to look after the convenience of your employees at your work place as well. After all many of us consider our staff as our family and our work space our second Greenville home. Whatever business establishment you might have; an office or a factory, a store or a hotel, you need to make sure your staff is comfortable.
    Fix it right, the first time.