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Welcome to Precision Heating & Cooling: A Simpsonville

HVAC Contractor

Precision Heating & Cooling is dedicated to creating long-term relationships with our clients by providing quality without compromise. So whether you're looking for Simpsonville HVAC installation, repair or maintenance service for your heating or cooling system, count on us for prompt, affordable and honest service. The owner David Dobbins has been doing heating and air conditioning work since his teen years. He and his wife also owned a heating and air conditioning company in Augusta, Georgia before decided to relocate to Simpsonville, SC in 2004.

Precision Heating & Cooling

Simpsonville HVAC Contractor

We are a Simpsonville full service residential and commercial HVAC contractor dedicated to providing service that's as unbeatable as our rates. Specializing in AC and heating system services in Simpsonville, we are the hardest working HVAC contractors in the business. We feel like our Simpsonville employees and our customers are part of our extended family. We strive to make you and your family feel comfortable and appreciated in all interactions with our company and our staff.

Simpsonville AC Repairs

Not sure if you should repair or replace your Simpsonville air conditioner? If you are operating an inefficient system that breaks down a lot, it's likely that it's going to break down again. This means more expensive emergency service calls or possible damage to the other components of your HVAC system. We currently offer HVAC services to your residential and light commercial air conditioning systems as well as your Simpsonville ac repairs. We offer air conditioner repair, air conditioning service, air conditioning repair, heating and air

Simpsonville Humidifiers

Humidifiers increase moisture in your room or your entire house. Whether you have a point-of-use humidifier or a whole-house humidifier, all of them provide equal benefits of preventing health risks due to dry air. It is very difficult to breathe when the air is dry, so people with respiratory problems like asthma are most likely to suffer from this situation. Dry air irritates the air tracts and lungs and also causes itchy skin, chapped lips, coughs and nosebleeds. 
Humidifiers also keep your wall, wallpaper and floors from being damaged by dry air. They are commonly installed in connection with your furnace systems like in pipes and functions along with your heating and cooling devices. They mainly make use of water to provide additional moisture to your house.

The Services We Provide in Simpsonville, South Carolina

If you are looking for Simpsonville Heating, Air Conditioning and Indoor Air Service then please call 864-876-2034 or complete our online request form.