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Spartanburg Heating and Cooling Contractors

Air conditioning in Spartanburg is a necessity in places that have hot, humid climate for keeping the surroundings pleasantly cool. It also helps devices that need a cool atmosphere to operate smoothly. In places such as Spartanburg that have periods of hot weather, air conditioners are a very popular device.
The general principle on which most air conditioners in Spartanburg work is that they contain a chemical that easily transforms from a gas to a liquid and back again. This chemical removes heat from the air inside the room and transfers it to the air outside, thus cooling the inside of a room or a building. Heat pumps are a special sort of AC that operates slightly differently. A heat pump contains a valve that allows it to switch function, depending on the need. The pump functions as a furnace when the valve is switched in a particular direction. When the valve is switched in the other direction it functions as an AC.

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