Why a Greenville Tankless Water Heater?

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Greenville Homeowners should we aware that at some point during their ownership they will be replacing their existing water heater. When doing research for a replacement it is important to know that they come in two types; one with a tank that holds and heats water on a continuous basis and a tankless one which hot water is heated on demand but not held in reserve. Eemax, Takagi, Rheem and Noritz water heaters are some of the choices consumers have.

While everyone probably knows about a regular water heating unit tankless units have only recently gained in popularity. Tankless models including Noritz water heaters have the advantage of being space-saving as they are smaller in size than traditional units. This smaller size allows them to be mounted on a wall either inside or outside a home and have the ability to be mounted nearer to the area in which the hot water will be used such as a bathroom or laundry area. This also allows for them to be located in spaces that traditional bulky units cannot.

There are several environmental benefits of tankless Noritz water heaters and those manufactured by others. The efficiency of tankless models range from 83% to 94% depending on the make and model. This is quite a bit more than the tanked units where efficiency is around 60%. The higher efficiency causes the consumer to use less energy and thereby making it also financially efficient. Another factor to consider is that the unit is not continually heating the water in a tank and is only supplying heated water on demand thereby the water is always fresh and free from bacteria.

For anyone researching Greenville tankless water heating units including Noritz water heaters there are several factors in determining what will be the perfect fit. Price will definitely be a consideration, but one needs to be sure to compare the long range cost as well as the initial investment of the purchase and the cost of installation. Be sure to consider whether an electric or gas heater will be better suited to your needs. If you do not currently have a gas water heater, you would need to factor in the running of that utility for this purpose.

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